About me

I followed a 5 years course within the ATMAN Osteopathy Center, as part of a study program approved by the Ministry of Health and in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization.


During my last year of study I had the opportunity to study with international professors and obtain a Franco-English degree from the European School of Osteopathy Maidstone and the Molinari Institute of Health.

I was always interested in the medical world  and the mysteries of the human body, plus growing up in INDIA  offered me an insight into alternative medecine. Which lead me to the world of osteopathy.

Since I was young, i was immersed in my passion, the equestrian world. I had the chance to do it at a semi pro level and work with amazing rider such as Philippe Rozier, Marcus Ehning, Raphael Goerhs. I logically continue my studies with 2 complementary years with professional and veterinary professionals to obtain a degree in animal osteopathy (CESS)

I have also attended many seminars on stretching and many other areas.

Thanks to the sport events, I am able to gain experience of post-competition recovery care and the necessary therapeutic support for all high level sportsmen or amateurs in the search for performance.